These are some of the testimonials from our clients: 

Ethel Schantz

The Royal Health Care team is very good. They are polite, very professional and I have absolutely no complaints.

Rita Schwerin

I give Royal Health Care an A1 Rating. It has always been a pleasure to deal with their patient and caring staff. Thank you to Royal Health Care and staff for everything you do.


Gladys Scher

Royal Health Care has been very dependable and helped to provide my dear aide Rosie, whom I met eleven years ago when she took care of my deceased husband for 4 years.

Selma Dolgen

Today 6/8/11, the nurse came to visit me at my home. It was a very pleasant experience. My aide Molly assists me very much. I am very grateful to have someone so kind and caring to take care of me. God’s willing, I’ll be around for many more years. Thank you.

Gloria Kurzman

Once again I want to thank Royal Health Care for their prompt response to my concerns. Each time I need them quickly (like getting out of the hospital unexpectedly) they have been there. I really appreciate their compassion and caring.

Selma Cohen

I am extremely grateful to Royal Health Care for providing me with such an experienced, well-trained, caring and good aide. Even when there is a relief, I have never had any complaints. Thanks again Royal Health Care for your extremely good service.

Rebecca Lipson

It was a pleasure to have the nurse come to visit me. She is a very kind, interested person and I enjoyed her interviewing me and her nice interesting conversation. She pepped me up. Thanks to the nurse and all the staff at Royal Health Care.

Bernice Shaffron

I have been using Royal Health Care Service since 2001. My brother recommended them to me. I have been very satisfied with the service I have received. The aides are very caring and helpful. I have recommended Royal Health Care to all my friends and they have all been satisfied with the service they have received from the aides. I would highly recommend Royal Health Care to anyone who needs kind, caring caregivers. Jewel has been wonderful throughout the years I have been with her. She is very professional and always there when you need her.

Irma Bollt

I really enjoy the two aides that Royal Health Care provided very much. They are excellent women and we have become very good friends. I am very happy with the service. I have absolutely no complaints.


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